Surgical navigation for challenging recurrent or pretreated intra-abdominal and pelvic soft tissue sarcomas.



Electromagnetic navigation facilitates resections of challenging lower intra-abdominal/pelvic STS and might be of added value.


This study assessed whether electromagnetic navigation can be of added value during resection of recurrent or post-therapy intra-abdominal/pelvic soft tissue sarcomas (STS) in challenging locations.


Nine patients with a total of 12 tumors were included, 7 patients with locally recurrent sarcoma. Three patients received neoadjuvant radiotherapy and three other patients received neoadjuvant systemic treatment. The median tumor size was 4.6 cm (2.4-10.4). The majority of distances from tumor to critical anatomical structures was <0.5 cm. The tumors were localized using the navigation system without technical or safety issues. Despite the challenging nature of these resections, 89% were R0 resections, with a median blood loss of 100 ml (20-1050) and one incident of vascular damage. Based on the survey, surgeons stated navigation resulted in shorter surgery time and made the resections easier.


Patients were included in a prospective navigation study. A pre-operatively 3D roadmap was made and tracked using electromagnetic reference markers. During the operation, an electromagnetic pointer was used for the localization of the tumor/critical anatomical structures. The primary endpoint was feasibility, secondary outcomes were safety and usability.

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Journal of surgical oncology
  • Volume 124
  • Issue nr. 7
  • Pages 1173-1181
  • Publication date 01-12-2021

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