Biomarker-Driven Personalization of Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy in Melanoma.



In accordance with the increasing rate of therapy development, the need for biomarker-driven personalized treatments grows. The current landscape of neoadjuvant treatment and biomarker development in stage III melanoma can function as a poster child for these personalized treatments in other tumors, assisting in the development of new biomarker-based neoadjuvant trials. This will contribute to personalized benefit-risk predictions to identify the most beneficial treatment for each patient.


The introduction of immunotherapy has ushered in a new era of anticancer therapy for many cancer types including melanoma. Given the increasing development of novel compounds and combinations and the investigation in earlier disease stages, the need grows for biomarker-based treatment personalization. Stage III melanoma is one of the front-runners in the neoadjuvant immunotherapy field, facilitating quick biomarker identification by its immunogenic capacity, homogeneous patient population, and reliable efficacy readout. In this review, we discuss potential biomarkers for response prediction to neoadjuvant immunotherapy, and how the neoadjuvant melanoma platform could pave the way for biomarker identification in other tumor types.

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Cancer discovery
  • Volume 13
  • Issue nr. 11
  • Pages 2319-2338
  • Publication date 01-11-2023

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