Sofía Ibáñez Molero

Sofía Ibáñez Molero

PhD student

+31 20 512 2066 Daniel Peeper

I received my Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology in 2016 and completed a Master's in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology in 2017 in the University of Murcia, Spain. During this time, I focused on deciphering the role of oxidative stress produced by Duox1 in melanoma progression and aggressiveness.

I did two internships, in the Prof. Steve Wilson's group in the University College of London and in Prof. Adam Hurlstone's group in the University of Manchester. In the last one I collaborated in the study of IFNg in inflammation induced adaptative resistance to immunotherapy. In 2018 I joined Prof. Daniel Peeper's group as a PhD to study immunotherapy resistance in melanoma and lung cancer.

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