Nuno Dias Padrao

Nuno Padrao

PhD student

+31 20 512 2015 Wilbert Zwart

I graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Porto, Portugal, where I developed a new diagnostic tool to accurately detect bladder cancer, as my internship. Afterwards, I obtained a master degree in Molecular Medicine and Oncology from the same university, where I worked with Inflammatory bowel disease, glycobiology and genetic alterations.

I have joined Wilbert Zwart’s group as a PhD student, to study ERα biology and acquired therapy resistance in breast cancer.
For that, I am currently working in 3 main projects:

1. Unravel the role of TRIM proteins in hormone-dependent breast cancer development and help develop new drug targets. This project is part of a MSCA-ITN called TRIM-NET;
2. Understand the improved endocrine therapy efficacy by adding fasting cycles to breast cancer;
3. Explore the role of new ESR1-fusion genes in breast cancer development and therapy resistance.


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