Maike Stuurland Ringma

Maike Stuurland - Ringma

Research assistant Martijn Stuiver

I have worked as an edema physiotherapist at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital, since 2020.

In January 2024, I joined Martijn Stuiver’s research group as a physiotherapist/research assistant and started working on the LION-RCT study as part of the PREFERABLE-II project. This project aims to determine the effectiveness of supervised live-remote training of cancer survivors. 

As a specialized oncology and edema physiotherapist, I have worked and trained with cancer patients in various settings and in all phases of treatment, for over fifteen years. In this capacity, I have had the opportunity to work together with other healthcare professionals in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way, to make care for patients accessible, efficient and of high quality. The PREFERABLE project was a logical next step for me, as it enables high quality support for people, but close to their home.

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