George Yiasemis

George Yiasemis

PhD student

+31 20 512 1731 Jonas Teuwen

Hi! I have recently completed my MSc studies in AI and I also have a BSc in Mathematics. I am a hardworking individual, with a proven track record of academic excellence.  I always enjoy teamwork and during my free time, I like being involved in voluntary work and I also enjoy playing tennis, cooking, and travelling.

I have always aimed to obtain a mixture of theoretical and applied knowledge from my studies, which would enable me to contribute to applicable areas such as the field of Health Care. My personal aspiration is to unlock hidden and undiscovered areas while aiming to improve our quality of life and ultimately saving lives!

That is why since April 2021, I am pursuing a PhD in 'Active MRI acquisition and real-time tracking of tumors and organs-at-risk during MRI-guided radiotherapy using AI' at the NKI. I am embedded in the group ‘AI for Oncology’, led by Dr Jonas Teuwen and I am working closely with Dr Jan-Jakob Sonke’s group, ‘Adaptive Radiotherapy’. The goal of my research here at the NKI is the acceleration of the MRI acquisition using AI techniques, that would lead into a real-time tracking of the tumor, while applying radiotherapy.


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