Esther De Jongh

Esther de Jongh

PhD student Martijn Stuiver

I joined Martijn Stuiver’s research group at the beginning of 2023, where I started working on the LION-ELSI study as part of the PREFERABLE-II project. The LION-ELSI study intends to understand the cultural, social, and ethical factors that serve as barriers or facilitators for rehabilitating cancer patients to engage in live-remote exercise. To enable an optimal implementation of supervised live-remote exercise systems, these should be sensitive to patients’ values and facilitate an optimal dynamic between health care professionals and patients.

The reciprocity between individuals and their environment is fundamental to my research interests: how our positionality, worldview, and cultural values shape the way we think and respond to situations. My research will apply this understanding to patient recovery, by focusing on what motivates vulnerable individuals to participate in restorative habits. The demands of the rehabilitation process might interact differently with every patient, making every response to tele-rehabilitation a unique one.

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