Enzo Kerkhof (1)

Enzo Kerkhof

Technical Physician

+31 20 512 9111 e.kerkhof@nki.nl Theo Ruers

Hello, I'm Enzo Kerkhof, a recent graduate as a Technical Physician in July 2023, thanks to the collaborative program of TU Delft, LUMC, and Erasmus MC. During my master's, I had the privilege of undertaking a series of clinical and research internships, all centred around surgical and imaging applications. All these internships took place at the LUMC, Erasmus MC and NKI. Notably, I spent three additional months at Nagasaki University Hospital in Japan, conducting research with AI on medical imaging for surgical applications.

For my master's thesis, the project aimed to utilise the depth sensors of the HoloLens 2, an advanced augmented reality head-mounted display (AR HMD). During this project, I developed a system for depth-based image-to-patient registration, contributing to the advancement of less complex user methods for image-guided surgical techniques.

Since October 2023, I've had the opportunity to join the Image Guided Surgery group at NKI. In this role, I apply the surgical navigation system for standard clinical care and engage in research to explore potential system extensions, with a primary emphasis on implementing SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) techniques. I'm enthusiastic about the chance to learn and contribute to the ongoing pursuit of improved patient care.

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