Daniel Vis

Daniel Vis

Postdoctoral fellow

+31 20 512 8190 rhpc-admin@nki.nl | d.vis@nki.nl Lodewyk Wessels Michiel Van der Heijden High performance computing

My academic background is in medical biology and computer science. I have had an IT company for five years that designed software for training purposes. I hold a PhD from the University of Amsterdam in data-analysis studying endocrine dynamics and the detection of events and rhythms. Along with work on mega-variate model validation and non-linear (mixed) modeling.

In the following post-doc at UMCU I focused on dynamic systems and challenge tests in particular. Currently I work on identifying predictive models for personalized treatments for the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatments (CPCT) using NextGenSequencing, cell line panels, and (in-house) clinical data.

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