Azam Mansoori

Azam Mansoori

HBO student

+31 20 512 2035 Fred van Leeuwen

In September 2022, I began my master’s program in Molecular Life Sciences at Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN). One of the prerequisites for my master’s program was to secure an internship for two years. Consequently, I joined the Fred van Leeuwen lab within the Gene Regulation Department at NKI.

My project is part of the PhD project led by Willem-Jan de Leeuw, which aims to unravel the role of Dot1(L), an epigenetic writer, and its associated epigenetic mark, H3K79me. My project goal is to target dCas9-Dot1 in dot1D background and revive H3K79me locally to study Dot1 and H3K79me role. Simultaneously, I am actively developing a toolbox to engineer dCas9-Dot1, leveraging high-throughput ChIP-Seq screening with genetic barcoder libraries (Epi-ID).


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