Regina Beets-Tan

Group leader


My main areas of clinical interest are abdominal and oncologic imaging. I lead the research at the department focusing on the assessment and prediction of cancer treatment response, with emphasis on MRI, Artificial Intelligence, Imaging of immunotherapy and Image guided radiotherapy and surgical treatment including Interventional Oncology. I take part in the institutional translational research board.

I represent the Netherlands Cancer Institute in the imaging panel of the Cancer Core Europe (a European network of comprehensive cancer centers). My focus of research is in multidisciplinary imaging of colorectal cancer. This research is in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams worldwide. From 2008-2009 I worked with the GI team of professor H. Hricak at the department of radiology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC, NYC). I take part in research panels of funding organizations in the Netherlands, including the Dutch Organization of Science and the Dutch Cancer Society.

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