Van Tellingen

Olaf van Tellingen

Group leader and coordinator preclinical pharmacology unit

+31 20 512 2792

In 1993 I received my PhD on my thesis investigating the pharmacology of investigational Vinca Alkaloids in mouse models while working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). I have remained working as a pharmacologist at the NKI. First as an associate researcher and then further as group leader. Between 1996 and 1997, I have been a visiting scientist in the lab of Prof. Josh Fidler (MD Anderson Cancer Center), where I became experienced in using orthotopic cancer models, including brain metastases models. Since then, my main research topic has been on glioblastoma (GBM), a devastating malignant brain tumor for which there are yet no curative therapies. Next to that, I am also involved as a pharmacologist in the support of in vivo intervention studies that are conducted in our mouse cancer clinic core facility.


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