Martijn Stuiver

Associate Group leader

+31 20 512 2480

Dr. Martijn Stuiver is associate group leader of the Cancer Survivorship group, Division of Psychosocial Research and Epidemiology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In addition, he is Lector Functional Recovery from Cancer and its Treatment at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and vice-principal of the master Evidence Based Practice in Health Care of the University of Amsterdam (AmsterdamUMC).

He is a PhD clinical epidemiologist, with a professional background in physical therapy. Within the domain of Survivorship, his research focusses on functional recovery. This concerns research questions related to:
1. Measurement of functional capacity and performance
2. Identification of patients at risk for poor functional outcomes of cancer treatment
3. Development, evaluation and implementation of (p)rehabilitation interventions to improve functioning and quality of life.

His studies range from development and/or evaluation of functional test procedures (i.e., exercise testing, swallowing evaluation), observational studies on functional recovery and unmet rehabilitation needs, and mixed-methods social-science studies to obtain patients’ and health care professionals’ perspectives, to randomized controlled intervention studies and systematic reviews.
Aside from conducting original research, he is also invested in supporting the translation of research findings into clinical practice. To this end, he has developed several innovative care programs, and is theme-expert and curriculum advisor for post-graduate oncology education at the Netherlands Institute of Allied Health care. Also, he has contributed to the development of several (inter)national evidence-based guidelines related to cancer rehabilitation. As a founding board member of Onconet he strives for accessibility and the continuous improvement of quality of physical therapy for people living with or beyond cancer.

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