Marjolijn Mertz

Head of the BioImaging facility

+31 20 512 6080

After obtaining my MSc in Neuroscience from the VU University Amsterdam, I spend 6 years in New York studying neurophysiology and anatomy at Columbia University and Stonybrook University. My work focused on dissection brain circuits related to attention and studying calcium dynamics in a mouse model for schizophrenia. In 2013, I moved to Nice to work as an microscopy engineer at the microscopy platform Prism of the Institute de Valrose. There, I provided microscopy assistance to a large user group with biological questions ranging from cancer research to neuroscience using various animal models. In 2016, I started at the NKI as the BioImaging facility coordinator. Together with our team of imaging scientists, I enjoy guiding researchers in all aspects of the bioImaging workflow, from designing experiments through imaging to image analysis and data visualization.

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