Els Hermans

Head of animal facility


After being graduated as a veterinarian in 2003, I worked several years as an anesthetist at the Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia of Large Animals at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ghent. In 2010, I completed a Master in Laboratory Animal Science while I was working as a consultant for biotech using large laboratory animals for their research pipeline. After a 5-year period as the coordinator of a preclinical in-vivo platform at the KU Leuven - Oncology, I joined in 2017 the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB) where I became the business development manager of the center of cancer biology. At the end of 2018, I obtained a PhD in Biomedical Science-Oncology.

In October 2020, I was appointed as the head of the laboratory animal facility at the NKI with a main focus on the breeding & experimental unit, logistics and infrastructure. I have also a more strategic role towards business development, (inter)national outreach, IT and training.


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