Rick Haas En Jules Nov 2020

Less radiotherapy required, so fewer complications with rare sarcoma


Myxoid Liposarcoma (MLS) is a very rare type of cancer. Only about two in every million people are diagnosed with MLS each year. This makes it extremely difficult to find the numbers of patients – and the funding – needed for clinical trials aimed at improving treatment methods for this disease.

And yet, Rick Haas (a Netherlands Cancer Institute radiotherapist) did manage to set up an international trial, whose findings showed that these patients can be treated effectively with less radiotherapy. The trial conducted by Prof. Haas and his team showed that the number of radiotherapy sessions could safely be reduced from 25 to 18.

This halves the risk of wound complications, and fewer patients need further surgery. In addition, the course of radiotherapy requires seven fewer hospital visits than before. Aside from the benefits associated with making treatment less stressful for patients, this ‘less where possible’ approach helps to keep oncological care affordable.

The researchers, with clinical research physician Jules Lansu as first author, will publish these results on 12 November, in the prestigious journal JAMA Oncology.

J. Lansu et al., Dose Reduction of Preoperative Radiotherapy in Myxoid Liposarcoma. JAMA Oncology, 12 November 2020.

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