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NKI seminar by Jussi Taipale

Systems Biology of Cancer

Friday 10 February 2023 11:00 - 12:00 Piet Borst Auditorium Seminar

Jussi Taipale

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
University of Helsinki, Finland

Host: Bas van Steensel

Jussi Taipale obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Helsinki in 1996 and continued at the University of Helsinki for his post doctorate before moving to Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD, USA). Since 2003, he has headed an independent research laboratory focusing on systems biology of growth control and cancer. He has published more than 100 scientific articles of which 22 are in the most prestigious scientific journals (Nature, Science and Cell), won numerous awards and grants (e.g., Anders Jahre Prize for Young Researchers, EMBO Young Investigator, ERC Advanced Grant and Vetenskapsrådet Distinguished Professor Program) and is nternationally recognized as a leader in the field of genomics and systems biology.

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