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Webinar by Roderick Beijersbergen

Diving deep; Large scale functional genomic screening for complex and dynamic phenotypes

Friday 12 November 2021 11:00 - 12:00 Zoom webinars (NKI employees only) Seminar

Roderick Beijersbergen
Dept. of Molecular Carcinogenesis, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Roderick Beijersbergen's research has a strong focus on the development and application of large-scale functional genomic screening technologies, with the goal to identify novel and more effective cancer treatments. His group pioneered the pooled screening technology for large scale RNAi screening, which has now been extended to CRIPSR/CAS9 genome editing based screening. These pooled screens have led to the identification of novel targets for cancer therapy, to the understanding of the mechanisms of action of novel drugs and the identification of novel mechanisms of acquired resistance to pathway targeted therapeutics. A current focus is the generation of advanced model systems to interrogate a wide spectrum of cellular phenotypes including temporal and spatial parameters for large scale screening.


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