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NKI Seminar by Manuel Valiente

Strategies to challenge brain metastasis lethality in mice and human

Friday 24 February 2023 11:00 - 12:00 Piet Borst Auditorium Seminar

Manuel Valiente
Brain Metastisis, CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Center). Madrid, Spain

Host: Leila Akkari

Manuel Valiente investigates the biology of brain metastasis in order to develop new therapeutic opportunities. Specifically, his laboratory studies novel brain metastasis mediators, characterizes the metastasis-associated microenvironment, designs better experimental models and explores novel methods to target brain metastasis. All these aims consider the brain environment as a critical component to understand the biology of this progression of cancer. His team has developed a new therapeutic strategy targeting altered molecular patterns emerging within the brain metastasis microenvironment. More recently, Dr. Valiente has founded the first National Network of Brain Metastasis (RENACER). His contributions to brain metastasis research have been recognized with the EMBO YIP, CLIP Award, Beug Foundation’s Prize for Metastasis Research, Bristol-Myers Squibb-MRA Young Investigator Award. In 2019 he became an ERC investigator.


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