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Postdoc vacancy in the research group of Elzo de Wit

Function description

The research group of Elzo de Wit studies how the organization of the genome inside the nucleus is related to gene expression. We have a special focus on the cohesin complex and its role in distal gene regulation. We have previously shown that cohesin functions as a loop extruder in living cells (Haarhuis et al. 2017, Cell) and that this loop extrusion activity is important for maintaining lineage specific gene expression (Liu et al. 2022, Nature Genetics).
The lab uses genomics methods such as Hi-C, (single cell) RNAseq, TTseq, (single cell) ATACseq, ChIPseq and more to catalogue molecular changes at the genome-wide level following perturbations. We use acute protein depletion of key regulatory factors to determine the direct targets of a specific factor to understand the mechanistic role of these factors (Maresca et al. 2023, EMBO Journal). The candidate will mechanistically dissect the role of the cohesin complex in gene regulation in mouse embryonic stem cells and embryo models.

We are looking for a candidate that will develop an independent research line to elucidate the role of cohesin in gene regulation. In this context, the applicant will be responsible for establishing models that will enable the genome-wide dissection of the role of cohesin in gene regulation. We expect the successful applicant to have direct interactions with other computational and experimental researchers, to supervise PhD and undergraduate students, present and communicate scientific results and to be involved in the writing of scientific papers.

Job requirements

The de Wit lab seeks to recruit an ambitious postdoc with a strong background in molecular biology and a strong commitment to science. You are expected to also coach and guide other members of the team. The lab also hosts a sizeable number of computational biologists, therefore an affinity with large data and bioinformatics is a prerequisite.
In particular, we seek candidates with the following molecular biology skills;
1. Experience with CRISPR genome editing.
2. Experience with or willing to learn genomics methods (RNA-seq, ATACseq, Hi-C etc.).
3. Experience with cell culture.

We expect the candidate to be highly motivated, creative, and able to work in a multi-disciplinary team. Apart from being a true team player, we expect the candidate to exhibit a high degree of independence, have a problem-solving attitude, and have strong analytical and technical abilities in addition to excellent communication and presentation skills.


The gross salary per month will range from €4.324 ,- to a maximum of € 4.842 ,- according to salary scale FWG 55, depending on your experience. The terms of employment will be in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitals. In addition you will receive a fixed end-of-year bonus (8,33%) and you will receive 8,33% holiday pay. 

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed at € 0,19 per km. Free parking at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek is also part of the package. Personnel is stimulated to use public transport and bicycle and therefore we offer an interesting arrangement for bikers and/or discount on the NS-business card. 

For further information and addresses, visit our website ( ) or contact Elzo de Wit at


  • Hours per week: 36
  • Salary level: PhD-scale
Mylene van der Velden

Mylene van der Velden

Elzo de Wit

Elzo de Wit

Junior Group leader

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