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Head In Vivo Modeling Facility

Function description

About the Role:
We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Head to lead and direct the In Vivo Modelling Facility of the Netherlands Cancer institute (NKI).

As Head of the In Vivo Modeling Facility, you will play a pivotal role in developing, improving and generating genetically engineered murine models to study the development, progression, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. You will lead a team of expert technicians and postdoctoral fellows in the development and application of advanced in vivo modelling techniques, including embryo manipulation, use of CRISPR/Cas9-based gene-editing and gene transfer technology, in vivo genetic forward screening and other advanced approaches. The Facility generates on average 30-40 models a year for researchers inside and outside the NKI. The Facility is also responsible for the production and long-term storage of sperm and embryos from genetically engineered animals and their rederivation when needed. The team is highly skilled and team members closely interact with the researchers and the lab animal facility and the animal pathology facility. In your role as Head of the Facility, you will supervise, facilitate, and take part in these interactions.

To maintain a state-of-the-art and innovative research facility, you will acquire and maintain extensive and up-to-date knowledge of transgenic technologies and emerging applications. You will advise and interact with investigators on the design and execution of projects served by the facility. You will oversee operations and the quality of the services provided by the facility. You will also be involved in (inter)national consortia focused on preclinical models for human disease.

You will be responsible for the in vivo modeling using the most suitable methodologies and with a focus on implementing the 3 R’s (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement). This involves discussing with researchers how to generate and manage their in vivo models.

About you:
You have a PhD degree in Biological Sciences (or equivalent scientific discipline) and relevant experience in working with genetically engineered animals. You have demonstrated experience with (or a keen interest in learning) transgenic and reproductive techniques for generating genetically engineered murine models. You will have excellent organizational, managerial and communication skills. For this position, goal-oriented working, excellent problem-solving and service skills, a strong team spirit and excellent command of English are essential.

About the NKI:
The NKI is a world-renowned cancer research institute and hospital dedicated to understanding, preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. We are a leading force in the fight against cancer, conducting cutting-edge research, providing innovative patient care, and training the next generation of scientists.
The NKI accommodates around 55 research groups in basic and translational research and many clinicians actively involved in translational and clinical research. All our research is supported by state-of-the-art, centralized research facilities. These facilities work in close collaboration with NKI researchers and researchers from other institutes to develop and implement new technologies and methods, generate and analyses data, and train researchers.

The NKI has a large animal facility with dedicated units for model generation, imaging, intervention studies, breeding and pathology.

Job requirements

  • Provide in vivo models for cancer research.
  • Lead a team of skilled professionals that together form the In Vivo Modeling facility.
  • Work in close collaboration with the researchers and with the other research facilities, especially the lab animal facility.
  • Take an active role in developing and/or implementing new technologies and methods.
  • Conduct experiments, analyze data, and prepare reports.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest scientific techniques and methodologies.
  • Build up an (inter)national network of similar facilities and (potential) users of the In Vivo Modelling facility.
  • Actively participate in committees, projects and consortia inside and outside the NKI.
  • Maintain a strong record of scientific integrity and ethical conduct.
  • PhD in a relevant scientific discipline.
  • Experience in conducting independent research and/or managing a similar research facility.
  • Up to data knowledge and experience with in vivo models for cancer research (for instance gene transfer, embryology, and molecular cloning)
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Fluency in English.


  • Competitive salary (FWG55-65 depending on proven qualifications) and working conditions (holiday allowance, end-of-year-payment, 144 holiday hours per year, free parking and reimbursement of commuting costs (details will be provided upon request).
  • Opportunity to work at a world-leading cancer research institute.
  • Advancing our knowledge about biology and cancer, to make a significant impact on the lives of cancer patients.
  • Supporting researchers inside and outside the NKI.

To Apply:
If you are interested, please submit your CV and cover letter to Henri van Luenen, Director of Operations NKI  via the HR portal on the NKI website. If you want more information about this position, please do not hesitate to reach out ( / 00 31 20 512 2097).

At the NKI, we value an inclusive environment. We invite everyone who wants to contribute to join us, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, age, or ability.


  • Hours per week: 36
  • Salary level: Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for Hospitals
Mylene van der Velden

Mylene van der Velden

Henri  van Luenen

Henri van Luenen

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