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  • NKI researchers discover three new resistance mechanisms against commonly used anti-cancer drugs

    Researchers of the Netherlands Cancer Institute have discovered three new resistance mechanisms of cancer cells against the commonly used anti-cancer drugs doxorubicin and etoposide. In The Netherlands alone, thousands of patients a year are treated with one of these drugs. But they don't always work well for every patient. The new discovery might help predict whether a patient will or will not benefit from them.

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  • ‘Digital doppelganger’ for predicting function loss after surgery of oral tumors

    Tumors in the mouth area are usually removed surgically. But if this will lead to functional difficulties for the patient, an alternative, organ sparing treatment might be a better choice. The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the University of Twente (MIRA institute) are developing a 'digital doppelganger' model to better predict the outcome of the surgery for individual patients. PhD student Maarten van Alphen realized the first phase of this project.

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