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  • Grant of 1,9 million euro for personalized lung cancer treatment with the help of tumor organoids

    Predicting which treatment or combination treatment works best for individual lung cancer patients is hard. The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Hubrecht Institute and the University Medical Center Utrecht are going to collaborate to determine whether such personalized treatment is possible with the help of tumor organoids. This large, ambitious project has received a grant of 1.9 million Euro from Alpe d'HuZes/the Dutch Cancer Society.

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  • MAD2L2/REV7 has unexpected, important role in DNA repair

    A protein called MAD2L2, also known by the name REV7, turns out to play an unexpected role in DNA damage repair. It promotes end joining of DNA fragments and seems to inhibit the more accurate process of homologous DNA repair. This discovery was made by both the research group of Sven Rottenberg and that of Jacqueline Jacobs of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). Their findings are published in two separate papers, that both appeared advanced online in Nature on March 23.

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