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  • Prestigious award for NKI researcher Ton Schumacher

    Ton Schumacher, group leader within the division of Immunology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, has been named recipient of the 2016 William B. Coley Award. This prize is awarded yearly by the American Cancer Research Institute (CRI). It was instigated to honor scientists who have made highly important contributions to the field of cancer immunology.

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  • NKI researchers discover two new drug resistance mechanisms of BRCA1 breast cancer

    Breast cancer that developed because of an error in the 'cancer gene' BRCA1 can usually be treated quite well with the drug cisplatin and/or PARP inhibitors. But sometimes the tumor does not respond to these drugs, or it becomes resistant to them during the treatment. Why does this happen? The research group of Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) researcher Jos Jonkers has discovered two previously unidentified ways in which breast tumors can harbor resistance against cisplatin and PARP-inhibitors.

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