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  • NKI researchers unravel drug resistance mechanism of melanoma

    Patients with melanoma can benefit greatly from novel drugs like BRAF and MEK inhibitors. Unfortunately, almost all tumors develop resistance against these drugs over time. Judith Müller from the research team of Daniel Peeper at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) has unraveled a mechanism causing melanomas to display broad drug resistance, and also found how this type of resistance might be countered.

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  • EMBO fellowships for three NKI postdocs

    Three postdocs working at the NKI have been awarded a long-term fellowship by the EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization). The awardees are J. Omar Yáñez Cuna, who works in the lab of Bas van Steensel; Sara Mainardi, from the lab of René Bernards; and Nora Pencheva, who also works with René Bernards.

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