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Postdoc and PhD - Functional Genetics of transcriptional units

Your function within the department

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam is a Comprehensive Cancer Centre combining a hospital and research laboratories in a single independent organization. The research group of Reuven Agami at the division of Oncogenomics is interested in the identification of novel cellular vulnerabilities that can be exploited for cancer therapies. For this purpose, we develop innovative genomic and functional genetic tools, and use biochemical and bioinformatics tools to understand the underling mechanisms.
Recently, we developed a CRISPR-Cas9 strategy to target regulatory DNA elements, and showed its scalability and effectivity in identifying potential oncogenic and tumour-suppressive regulatory DNA elements, such as transcriptional enhancers. We now would like to exploit it further and setup up functional genetic screens to identify key players related to cancer development, metastasis induction, and most importantly acquired therapy resistance. If successful, our efforts will setup the foundation to better understand principles of gene expression regulation in cancer and develop novel ways of diagnosis and treatment.

Your profile

We seek to recruit an ambitious Postdoc and/or PhD student with a strong background in molecular biology, and a strong commitment to science, who will be involved in constructing molecular strategies for functional genetics. General knowledge about functional screening with RNAi and CRISPR tools and epigenetics is an advantage. Bioinformatics skills are an advantage too. We expect the candidate to be highly self-motivated, creative, and able to work in a team.

Your career opportunities and terms of employment

You will join an international research team in a stimulating and interactive research environment.
You will be employed for a period of at least 2 years. The terms of employment will be in accordance with the CAO Hospitals.

For the PHD-position the gross salary per month will range from € 2.665,- to € 3.282, according to the standard PhD scales.

Post-doc position:
For the Post-doc position the gross salary per month ranges from €3.490,- to € 3.917 according to the postdoc scales and depends on previous experience. The terms of employment will be in accordance with the CAO Ziekenhuizen (Collective Labour Agreement for Hospitals).


For further information and addresses visit our websites (; or contact Reuven Agami, Applications can be submitted via the portal ( and should include your CV, a motivation letter and the contact information of your references.