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Carcinogen laboratory

In cancer research we use a lot of dangerous compounds.  The carcinogen lab is a research facility where carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic compounds can be stored and were these compounds can be handled under special safety conditions.

The carcinogen laboratory is mainly used to prepare solutions using chemicals in a powder form. The chemicals can be weighted in a fume hood, dissolved and then taken out of the carcinogen laboratory for use in experiments. The lab is under-pressured, has a higher than normal ventilation fold and is equipped with two safety hoods.

Researchers can get instructions on how to work with carcinogens and about safety aspects. The instructions and the information is given by one of the supervisors of this facility. They also make sure everything is working properly and is kept clean and tidy.

The carcinogen laboratory supervisors

Luijten-Verwoerd, Desiree.jpg

Desire Verwoerd

Supervisor Carcinogen Laboratory


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Lamers, Theo.jpg

Theo Lamers

Assistant supervisor carcinogen laboratory

Personal details


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