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22Aug 2017

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The Netherlands Cancer Institute again recognized as a Comprehensive Cancer Center

OECI logo comprehensive cancer center

The Netherlands Cancer Institute is the only hospital in the Netherlands to again be recognized as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. To achieve this quality label, a heavy accreditation procedure must be followed by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI). The quality label is valid for five years and implies that oncology care, education and research are cohesive and are offered at a high-level at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. According to the OECI, the Netherlands Cancer Institute is a global leader as Comprehensive Cancer Center with significant expertise in basic and translational cancer science.

"The OECI auditors found the Netherlands Cancer Institute's staff very motivated and involved in their work," said Emile Voest, medical director. "The atmosphere in the clinic was perceived as friendly and caring and the members of staff were open in their responses." The Netherlands Cancer Institute as an internationally recognized Comprehensive Cancer Center makes a significant contribution to solving the cancer problem in the 21st century. For this purpose, on an international level, research is conducted in a broad field, and the full range of care (screening, diagnosis, treatment) is provided for cancer patients.

Voest: "We are working hard on a future in which cancer is no longer a threat. We do this in such a way that patient care, teaching and research are closely linked. It is nice that independent foreign experts indicate that we belong to the top and that we are again receiving this quality label as recognition for the work we do for our patients at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. We could not have done this without the tireless efforts of our staff, all credit to them." The international accreditation is similar to procedures such as the Netherlands Institute for the Accreditation of Hospitals (NIAZ) or the Harmonization Quality Assessment in the Health Sector (HKZ) but focuses specifically on oncological research and hospital care and differentiates with, among other things, the Comprehensive Cancer Center qualification American model, in different types of centers. The entire procedure took about a year. The unique combination of care and research within one institute makes all the difference for cancer patients.

"We have received many compliments. The OECI was full of praise for the Netherlands Cancer Institute's so called patient-orientation. This involves among other things the possibility of a rapid multidisciplinary diagnosis: all the examinations necessary to arrive at a diagnosis take place as quickly as possible. The patient advisory council (PAR) is seen as 'an example for patient involvement'. Our Academy also received many compliments: they called it one of the best education and training programs they've ever seen. Furthermore, they were impressed with the scale and quality of the basic and translational research. This is a big compliment to all of our researchers working on cutting-edge research into cancer. " Voest: "In multidisciplinary teams, all cancer specialized care professionals work non-stop on tailor-made treatment plans. For in essence, no two cancers are the same. Patients with a suspected cancer can go to The Netherlands Cancer Institute for the latest research and treatment facilities and a personal approach. The Netherlands Cancer Institute chose for a combination of specialist cancer care and research under one roof over a hundred years ago."

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