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13Jun 2018

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PhD defence Marijke Wevers: rapid genetic counceling and testing in breast cancer

On Tuesday, 12 June 2018, Marijke Wevers defended her PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam.

Marijke Wevers assessed the behavioural and psychosocial impact of offering rapid genetic counceling and testing to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. She uses the results of a prospective, randomised clinical trial as well as retrospective data on the impact of RGTC and on the uptake of risk-reducing surgery in women with hereditary breast cancer.

M.R. Wevers: Rapid Genetic Counseling and Testing in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer: Surgical and Psychosocial Implications.


Prof. N.K. Aaronson

Prof. E.J.T. Rutgers


Dr S. Verhoef (UMC)

Dr M.G.E.M. Ausems (LUMC)

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