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09Jan 2020

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Dutch Cancer Society: nearly €17 million a year for the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Far-reaching cooperation to benefit cancer patients

Today the Dutch Cancer Society and the Netherlands Cancer Institute signed a new cooperation agreement covering the next five years. It devotes an annual €16.8 million to advanced quality cancer research at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Fred Falkenburg, director of the Dutch Cancer Society: "Over the years the Netherlands Cancer Institute has grown into a first-rate oncological institute, both nationally and internationally, thanks to its powerful combination of excellent research, high-quality patient care, and the ability to put scientific research into practice. This is in the interests of cancer patients, and thanks to the generosity of our donors we can give it substantial support."

René Medema, Chairman and Scientific Director of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, is extremely pleased with the renewed agreement: "The link between the Dutch Cancer Society and the Netherlands Cancer Institute is a strong one and goes back to 1951. Over the years we have succeeded in understanding and treating cancer better and better. The fact that the Dutch Cancer Society is supporting us with this funding attests to their strong confidence in our work."

In the years to come the Dutch Cancer Society and the Netherlands Cancer Institute will be collaborating on the basis of three themes: 

  1. The results of scientific research must be made accessible to patients more quickly. The targeted follow-up development of laboratory research towards its practical use should lead to the earliest possible application of research results in patients.
  2. Both new and existing drug treatments should be made more readily available. The Dutch Cancer Society and the Netherlands Cancer Institute are developing new models for the production and registration of cancer medicines, and are working together to influence government policy in order to break the barriers that impede patient access to new medicines and treatment methods.
  3. Improving the quality of life of everyone facing cancer or dealing with its aftermath. 'Quality of life' is one of the Netherlands Cancer Institute's five focus areas. By doing innovative research into the psychosocial effects and after-effects of the disease, and by implementing the results of this research in patient care, the Netherlands Cancer Institute can make a significant contribution towards improving patients' quality of life during, and after, cancer.
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