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16Dec 2016

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Dutch Cancer Society awards a total of 11.5 million Euro to 17 NKI research projects

Seventeen research projects of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) will receive large grants from the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding) in their newest round of funding. The projects are listed below. In total, the NKI receives nearly 11.5 million Euro.

Project leader Project title Grant (Euro)
Reuven Agami Diricore, a platform for the discovery of novel amino acid vulnerabilities in aggressive cancer 621.641
Frédéric Amant CRADLE: Cancer tReAtment During pregnancy: from fetaL safety to maternal Efficacy 600.666
Geerard Beets Datamanagement for UM 2015-7738: Multicenter evaluation of the "wait-and-see" policy for complete responders after chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer 427.741
Regina Beets-Tan Development and validation of a multiparametric imaging model for pre-treatment response prediction in rectal cancer: the road towards organ-preservation 472.397
Karin De Visser Enhancing the success of immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancer by overcoming tumor-associated immunosuppressive mechanisms 557.591
Remond Fijneman Liquid biopsy analyses of cell-free circulating tumor DNA as predictive and prognostic biomarker for colorectal cancer patients with metastatic disease 1.033.588
Wim Groen Does physical exercise during adjuvant cardiotoxic chemotherapy protect against cardiac injury among women with breast cancer? 336.720
Michael Hauptmann Statistical assessment of cancer risks from therapeutic radiation exposure incorporating the spatial distribution of radiation dose in the target organ 440.555
Heinz Jacobs Precision Cancer Therapy: Profiting from Tumor Specific Defects and Synthetic Lethality in the DNA Damage Tolerance System 962.986
Daniel Peeper Targeting phenotype switching as a therapy for melanoma 567.761
Daniel Peeper Increasing drug holiday impact on therapy-refractory cancers for more durable responses 565.911
Anastassis Perrakis Membrane glycerophosphodiesterases: novel players in cell differentiation and cancer biology 497.637
Michael Schaapveld Cardiotoxicity and second cancer risk after treatment of aggressive B-cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma 747.568
Uulke van der Heide Focal escalation of the radiation dose to the tumor in prostate cancer 468.696
Flora Van Leeuwen Favorable and unfavorable effects of risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO) in women at high genetic risk of ovarian cancer 791.172
Emile Voest The Drug Rediscovery Protocol (DRUP trial) 1.745.061
Wilbert Zwart Biomarker discovery for prognostication and treatment selection in prostate cancer through Androgen Receptor profiling 655.645
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