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Material Transfer Agreements

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is an agreement where a party agrees to transfer to another party, under defined conditions, materials (for example a biochemical material - such as nucleic acids, plasmids, peptides, proteins, viruses, cells, tissues samples, living organisms etc.), mostly for use in research and development. MTAs allow us to control the distribution (and sometimes the use) of research materials that were uniquely created at NKI.

Transfer of research materials

To stimulate further research and as a service to the academic community, transfer of research materials to other academic, not-for-profit research organizations by NKI will carry no charge and will be against terms that would normally be acceptable to NKI in the reverse situation. In exceptional cases, a handling fee may be charged where NKI needs to put significant effort into the preparation of the requested material. Shipment costs are always charged to the receiving organization.

Commercial use wil support further research

Commercial entities requesting the use of research materials will typically be charged a fee for transfer and use of proprietary research materials from NKI. These fees will support further research within NKI, both for the providing research group as well as for the organization as a whole.

When sending out research materials

The main provision within a standard MTA prohibits the receiving party from distributing the material any further (sometimes even to other researchers within the same organization). When sending out research materials, TTO needs to check first whether we have the unconstrained right to do so.

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