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21Jun 2019

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National seminar by Madelon Maurice

Madelon Maurice
Department of Cell Biology, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mutation-guided insights in Wnt signalling alterations in cancer

Friday, June 21, 2019, 11.00 hrs
Piet Borst Auditorium       

Host: Jacqueline Jacobs

Madelon Maurice
The overall aim of our work is to gain a fundamental understanding of the dual nature of signals that guide homeostatic tissue renewal and cancer cell growth. WNT proteins comprise a large family of conserved, secreted glycolipoproteins that control the maintenance and proliferation of stem cell reservoirs that mediate tissue self-renewal and regeneration after injury. Deregulated WNT signaling due to mutations is strongly linked to cancer and degenerative disease. Mechanistic insight in how cells control their responses to WNT is key to understand how pathway sensitivity and specificity is controlled in normal stem cells and how these events are exploited in cancer.

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