Stefano Manzo

Stefano Manzo

Postdoctoral fellow

+31 20 512 7893 Bas van Steensel

I am a molecular Biologist with strong interest in transcription and DNA topology. I received my PhD at University of Bologna in Capranico Lab studying the transcriptional role of Topoisomerase 1.

In Chedin Lab I (UC Davis, California) I had the possibility to study how Topoisomerase 1 modulates non-canonical DNA structures such as R loops at a genome-wide level.

I received a post-doctoral FIRC fellowship (Italian Foundation for Cancer Resaerch) at University of Bologna for the project "Role of R loop structures on Top1cc-driven genomic instability".

In the Van Steensel lab I received AIRC iCARE2.0 fellowship and a MSCA Individual fellowship to study how topoisomerases and torsional stress regulate genome organization.

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