Sebastiaan Schieven

Sebastiaan Schieven

PhD student

+31 20 512 1841 Daniel Peeper

In 2017 I obtained my master degree in Life Science & Technology at Leiden University. During the first year of my master, I did an internship at the Institute of Biology Leiden under supervision of Prof. B. Ewa Snaar-Jagalska. Here, I focussed on how the actin cytoskeleton of prostate cancer stem cells might influence their stemness and migratory properties using zebrafish as model organism.

In addition, I worked at the Hubrecht Institute in Hans Clevers' group during which I investigated mechanisms of invasiveness in primary lung cancer organoids. I joined the Peeper lab in 2018 as a Ph.D. student to investigate and characterize phenotype switching in melanoma for subsequent targeting.

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