Rianne Wijbenga

Rianne Wijbenga


r.wijbenga@nki.nl Eveline Bleiker

In August 2020, I joined the group of Eveline Bleiker as a junior researcher on the HEDERA project. HEDERA stands for HEreditary Diffuse gastric cancER: optimizing quAlity of life. In this project, the experiences of individuals with an increased risk of diffuse gastric cancer due to the CDH1- or CTNNA1-mutation are being studied. Currently, we are developing a website with decision aids. The decision aids will focus on the decision whether or not to do DNA-testing, and the pros and cons of surveillance versus preventive surgery (stomach and breast). The aim of the newly developed website is to inform mutation carriers and their family members, to support them in decision making, and to prepare them when it comes to the possible outcomes of a decision.

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