Mireille Toebes

Mireille Toebes


+31 20 512 2061 m.toebes@nki.nl Ton Schumacher

In September 1996, I started as a technician in the lab of Ton Schumacher: setting up the lab was a challenging job. During the following years, I developed my own projects, specializing myself in protein biochemistry, and in particular MHC multimer-based tools for immune monitoring (Toebes et al, Nat Med. 2006).

In addition to this work, currently I am training and assisting technicians, post-docs and PhD students, and have collaborations with groups in other disciplines, such as chemistry. This variation makes this job exciting: I can express my creative mind.

As a side job, I work as a volunteer in the guesthouse of the AVL, it gives me the right balance: working with people and my curiosity in science.

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