Ezequiel Miron Sardiello

Ezequiel Miron Sardiello

Postdoctoral fellow

+31 20 512 7893 e.miron@nki.nl Bas van Steensel

My research interest is genomic regulation by high-order chromatin folding. My PhD at the University of Oxford involved using super-resolution microscopy and developing high-throughput image analysis pipelines to study the 3D epigenome. I like to use images as science outreach tools and my super-resolution 3D SIM micrograph of in situ chromatin was awarded the 2017 UK Wellcome Image Award (www.wellcomeimageawards.org/2017/unravelled-dna-in-a-human-lung-cell).

Besides microscopy, I have a strong interest in molecular engineering; borrowing mechanical and enzymatic machineries from other organisms as tools for dissecting the complex cellular and nuclear environment.

I hope to put all these interests to good use as I continue to explore chromatin organisation at the NKI.

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