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Shuraila Zerp, MSc group

Zerp, Shuraila.jpg

Shuraila Zerp, MSc

Research technician

Personal details


Shuraila Zerp has been working as a (senior) research technician in the lab of Marcel Verheij since 1997. She has worked  in the radiation research field, on apoptosis, cell signaling, angiogenesis, cell membrane trafficking, DNA repair pathways, and radiosensitizers, in vitro as well as in vivo. Gradually, the research has evolved from basic science biochemistry in the nineties, to translational research with a focus on preclinical research of clinically applicable strategies, nowadays.
Experienced in: in vitro cell culturing, western blotting, apoptosis assays, FACS analysis, biochemical assays, molecular biology, proliferation assays, immunohistochemistry, clonogenic survival assays, in vivo tumor growth delay studies.

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