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Vliek, Sonja

Sonja Vliek

Ph.D. Student


I'm a medical oncologist in training and PhD student since 2016. I coordinate the SUBITO-trial, which compares Intensified Alkylating  chemotherapy to conventional therapy added with one year PARPi (olaparib) in stage III HER2-negative BRCA1-like breast cancer (BC) and the ABC-trial which evaluates the potential efficacy of PARPi (niraparib) in metastatic BRCA1-like BC.

Secondly I'm involved in the neoTN trial (Intensified Alkylating  chemotherapy in BRCA1-like BC), TEAM IIB trial (adjuvant bisphosphonates in postmenopausal women with ER+ early BC), RASTER (observational trial concerning the MammaPrint in early BC) and follow-up and additional analysis of the IKA-tamoxifen trial.