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Daphne van der Velden group

van der Velden, Daphne

Daphne van der Velden

MD, PhD student

Personal details


After graduating as a medical doctor and working at the UMCU Oncology Department, I started my PhD training in the group of Emile Voest in April 2014. My main project at the moment is the set-up of a nationwide 'drug-repurposing' trial (DRUP), in which patients are treated with targeted therapy, matched to their molecular tumor profile. We hereby aim to facilitate patient access to potentially effective therapy (to which they would otherwise not have access), whilst creating a national platform in which targeted drugs and accompanying biomarkers can be tested across various tumor types. I'm also involved in clinical trials exploring the clinical applications of tumor organoids. Altogether, my goal at the NKI is to help improve personalized cancer treatment.

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