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Niels Schurink group

Niels Schurink

Niels Schurink

Master student

Personal details


Currently I am performing my master thesis in the HOD department of the NKI. My master thesis is part of the Medical Imaging and Interventions track of the Technical Medicine master of the University of Twente. The study itself is an interesting new field in medicine focused at bridging the gap between the medical and technical disciplines, implementing and improving treatment methods to improve patient healthcare. The master thesis project itself is focused on developing an intraoperative surgical resection margin assessment method using a specialized camera. The rationale is, that instead of determining the surgical success after the surgery has been performed and the patient is in recovery, we determine the success during surgery so that we can intervene if this is necessary. This approach will hopefully improve surgical success even further than it is now, leading to even better patient care!

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