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Ton Schumacher group


Ton Schumacher

Group Leader (0.5 FTE)

Personal details


Ton Schumacher performed his Ph.D. research from 1988-1992 at The Netherlands Cancer Institute where he studied the interactions of MHC class I molecules with antigenic peptides in the laboratory of Hidde Ploegh.  After a brief stint as a post-doc in the laboratory of Hidde Ploegh at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he joined the group of Peter Kim at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, USA in 1994. In 1996 he joined The Netherlands Cancer Institute, where he is currently Senior Member, to study the development of T cell immunity through biotechnological approaches. Schumacher is recipient of, amongst others, The Amsterdam Inventor Award, Queen Wilhelmina Cancer Research Award, Meyenburg Cancer Research Award, and William B. Coley Award. Next to his position at The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Schumacher is involved in the development of novel immunotherapeutics in biotech and venture capital.

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