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Post, Anouk

Anouk Post

Post doc


Anouk Post received an MSc. in Physics with the specialization Physics of Life and Health, at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, in 2013. As part of her master degree, she did research at Imperial College in London for one year, where she developed software to produce 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) images of blood vessels and used this to study the influence of shear stress on plaque formation. Since June 2014 Anouk is a Ph.D. candidate at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, where her research focuses on the combination of OCT and Spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool for cancer. Since 2018, Anouk has a joint position at the  Academic Medical Centre and the Surgical Innovations Group at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The main focus of her research is the development of optical techniques (using light) to improve cancer detection.