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Paul Krimpenfort

Academic Staff


My main scientific interest is the tumor suppressive function of the Ink4 gene family encoding the Cdk4/6 inhibitors p15Ink4b, p16Ink4a, p18Ink4c and p19Ink4d. Since Cdk4 and Cdkn6 stimulate G1 progression by phosphorylating Rb, the primary effect of Ink4 inactivation is thought to be the loss of cell cycle control. However, apart from their role in cell cycle control recent observations suggest the implication of the Ink4 proteins in tumor cell behaviour e.g. migration and invasiveness. An important issue is if and to what extent the Ink4 genes are redundant.

In addition, I am also involved in the NKI Transgenic Facility and I am a member of the Animal Experiment Committee (DEC) of the NKI.