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Victoria Iglesias Guimarais, Dr. group

Iglesias, Victoria.JPG

Victoria Iglesias Guimarais, Dr.

Postdoctoral fellow

Personal details


I did my PhD at the Autonomous University of Barcelona where I studied the molecular mechanisms behind the final steps of apoptosis. During my training I was fascinated by the environment of a dying cell, specifically its interaction with immune cells.

Optimizing the therapeutic effect of cancer therapies by engaging the immune system is a novel approach to combat cancer. To purposely make cell death immunogenic, it is essential to study the interactions between the dying cell and immune cells.

In October 2013 I joined Prof. Borst's group to study at the molecular and cellular level what makes radiotherapy immunogenic in a triple-negative breast cancer mouse model. This work is carried out in collaboration with Dr. Inge Verbrugge.



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