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Sofía Ibáñez Molero group

Ibanez Sofia

Sofía Ibáñez Molero

Ph.D. student

Personal details


Sofía Ibáñez Molero received her Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology in 2016 and she completed her Master's in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology in 2017 in the University of Murcia, Spain. During this time, she focused on deciphering the role of oxidative stress produced by Duox1 in melanoma progression and aggressiveness. She did two internships, in the Prof. Steve Wilson's group in the University College of London and in Prof. Adam Hurlstone's group in the University of Manchester. In the last one she collaborated in the study of IFNg in inflammation induced adaptative resistance to immunotherapy. In 2018 she joined Prof. Daniel Peeper's group as a PhD to study immunotherapy resistance in melanoma and lung cancer.

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