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Heleen Feenstra MSc. group

Feenstra, Heleen.JPG

Heleen Feenstra MSc.

PhD Student

Personal details


How are our brains and our behavior related? That is my main scientific interest, and therefore I studied 'Clinical Neuropsychology' (Maastricht University & University of Amsterdam) and worked on several research projects in this area afterwards (UMC Utrecht & Karolinska Institute).

Since 2011 I am happy to work at the NKI on my PhD project. For this project we are developing a method for internet-based neuropsychological testing in order to gather more information on cognitive functioning after cancer and cancer treatment in the future. This enables me to combine neuropsychological research/ assessments, and product development in my work.

I aim to finish my PhD project with a user-friendly online test to efficiently measure cognitive functioning in cancer patients.

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