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Citoerio, Elisebette.jpg

Elisabetta Citterio, Ph.D

Associate staff scientist, VIDI fellow


The focus of my research is to understand how human cells counteract DNA damage and maintain the integrity of their genome, a condition that is crucial in preventing cancer. In particular, we are studying how the packaging of DNA into chromatin regulates DNA damage signalling/repair and how deregulation of such mechanisms impacts on tumorigenesis and on stem cell maintenance.

After my PhD in DNA repair at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and a postdoc at IFOM, Milan, on chromatin ubiquitination, in 2006 I joined the NKI. Here, I expanded my expertise in the direction of mouse models for cancer and stem cell biology. In 2008, I was awarded a VIDI grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), which allowed me to establish my research line.