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Working or Applying to Work at the NKI

On this page, you'll find more information about our application procedure, starting work and onboarding, terms of employment (e.g. Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitals and for Medical Specialists, leave hours, year-end bonus, the Flexible Employee Benefits (MKA) and pension) and additional opportunities for employees (incl. opportunities for education and professional development and housing). For questions about this page, you can contact the recruitment department by calling 020-512 2897 or e-mailing

Application Procedure

Great news that you're interested in working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute! The application procedure consists of several steps:

  • Apply online: under each job posting, you'll see an application button. Click on the button to open the application form that allows you to upload a resume and motivation letter. It's also possible to submit an unsolicited application. After sending your application, you'll receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail.
  • Resume and motivation letter selection: based on your resume and motivation letter, we decide whether there is a sufficient connection between you and our organization before inviting you for an initial interview. If we've chosen not to invite you for an interview, we'll notify you of this via e-mail. We strive to provide applicants with initial feedback within two weeks.
  • Job interview: depending on the position, you will have to undergo one or two job interviews. These interviews are often held with a future manager, a recruiter, and/or departmental colleagues.
  • Assessments: we administer assessments for some positions. This might entail, for example, a capacity test or development assessments.
  • Screening: in order to maintain the high quality of our services, our application process includes (Pre) Employment Screening.
  • Starting work: if you and the manager are enthusiastic, you'll receive a job offer and terms of employment. You'll receive this job offer via an e-mail from the HR Department. See below for the procedures regarding the start of your job at the NKI and onboarding.

Starting Work and Onboarding

Starting to work at the NKI

When you're hired by the Netherlands Cancer Institute, the HR Services department sees to the administrative processing. Not only will you receive an e-mail or letter that contains your contract and all related forms, but you will also be invited to attend an informational meeting. You do not have to do anything so long as you have not yet received a message. However, if you still have questions about the progress on your application, you can contact HR Services by calling: 020 512 2919. 


There is a platform where new employees can learn about the culture of the Netherlands Cancer Institute before their first day of work. Next, via the learning portal, new employees follow an onboarding course that contains mandatory sections and important information, such as an e-learning on information security.

Introduction Day

On the second Tuesday of the month, the Netherlands Cancer Institute organizes an introduction day for all new Research employees. The HR Services department will e-mail you an invitation to this day two weeks in advance. During the Introduction Day, you'll be welcomed by one of the staff members and you'll learn everything there is to know about the NKI.

Your Terms of Employment

Cao Hospitals and the Terms of Employment for Medical Specialists (AMS scheme)

Nearly every employee at the Netherlands Cancer Institute is covered by the Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitals (a.k.a 'Cao Hospitals'). The conditions outlined in this collective labor agreement apply to both your contract and to the grading of the job.

Cao Hospitals (in Dutch only)

Medical specialists are not covered by the Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitals. Their terms of employment are described in a separate scheme: Terms of Employment for Medical Specialists (the AMS Scheme).

AMS Scheme (in Dutch only)


Will you be working with us as an A(N)IOS? If so, see here for the Model Instructions (in Dutch only) that detail the powers and responsibilities of the A(N)IOS, the (supervising) medical specialists, trainers, and the care institutions. The Model Instructions are intended to guide and assist the A(N)IOS (interns), medical specialists, trainers, and care institutions.

Working Hours

At the Netherlands Cancer Institute, a full-time work week totals 36 hours. What the week entails differs per department and is completed in consultation with your supervisor. There is an exception for basic medical practitioners and residents, whose work week comprise 38 or 40 hours. Other agreements that apply to the medical specialists can be consulted in the AMS Scheme.

Annual Leave

Full-time (36 hours) employee at the Netherlands Cancer Institute are entitled to 144 leave hours per year. In addition, full-time employees receive 57 PLB (Personal Life-stage Budget) hours annually. These are extra statutory hours that, just like vacation hours, can be used for leave. Part-time employees receive annual leave hours and PLB hours on a pro rata basis.

Employees working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute on the basis of an on-call contract do not accrue annual leave days. Instead, on-call employees receive an allowance of 13.41% as compensation for the hours worked.

Vacation Allowance and Year-End Bonus

Employees receive a vacation allowance amounting to 8.33% of the salary earned. For purposes of application, the 'annual salary earned' means the salary earned during the months of June of the previous year through May of the distribution year. The vacation allowance is paid out in May. You'll also receive a year-end bonus. The year-end bonus, paid out in December, amounts to 8.33% of the salary earned in the relevant calendar year.

Commuting Expenses Reimbursement

Employees receive €0.08 per kilometer as compensation for their travel expenses, regardless of the mode of transport. The maximum number of kilometers reimbursed is 30 kilometers, each way.

The Netherlands Cancer Institute also offers the Flexible Employee Benefits (MKA) Scheme, which you can use to cover additional travel expenses. Your travel allowance will be supplemented up to €0.19 per kilometer, which you will receive once a year in December. This travel allowance supplement is deducted from your year-end bonus, so that it's more advantageous fiscally.

Employees commuting to the Netherlands Cancer Institute via public transport are eligible for a discount on a travel subscription with the NS and the GVB. Employees commuting to Amsterdam by train can apply for an NS business card for a 4% discount on their commute. Those who use GVB public transport are eligible for a 2% discount on their travel.

For more information about commuting to the Netherlands Cancer Institute and accessing our hospital, we refer you to our website.

Discounted Public Transport

If you commute to the Netherlands Cancer Institute by public transport, you can apply for a subscription offering discounted travel (not possible for employees with on-call contracts).

  • NS Business Card

The NS Business Card is a subscription for a certain NS travel route. The costs for the subscription are deducted monthly from an employee's salary. This discount amounts to 4% annually and the subscription can be terminated after two months. You can only apply for the subscription online. For more information about the subscription and the digital application, contact the Service Center (020 512 2915). Or check out

  • GVB Subscription

For the GVB subscription, you must have a personal OV chip card or apply for one yourself. The subscription (including the 2% monthly discount) can be loaded onto your OV chip card. The subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis. For information about subscribing, please contact the Service Center or visit Would you like to know more about applying for a public transport subscription? Contact the Service Center by calling: 020 512 2915.

Flexible Employee Benefits

With the Flexible Employee Benefits (MKA) Scheme, you can choose extra terms and conditions of employment in exchange for part of your gross salary. There are arrangements for: receiving additional travel expenses, paying extra statutory PLB hours, settling trade union contributions, buying additional leave hours, and purchasing a bicycle.

Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn (pension fund for the healthcare and social welfare sectors)

NKI employees build up a pension with Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn (PFZW). The Netherlands Cancer Institute registers new employees with this pension fund. The PFZW automatically registers the partner with whom an employee is either married or has a registered partnership. More information about the pension fund is available on the PFZW website.

Collective Income Insurance

Many employees face a sharp drop in their income in the event of full or partial work incapacity. On an individual level, it is both difficult and costly to prevent this drop in income. With a collective scheme, dealing with a sharp drop in income is both more affordable and at more favorable conditions. For its employees, NKI has taken out collective insurance against a drop in income due to work incapacity with Loyalis. More information can be found on: => English summary.

Additional Opportunities for Employees

In addition to the terms of employment stated in the Cao, the NKI offers its employees a variety of extras. Below you will find information about several supplementary schemes.

Education and Professional Development Opportunities 

Every Netherlands Cancer Institute employee has the opportunity to develop his or her talents, knowledge, and skills. We want to continue developing our expertise and excelling at our profession together, so we can continue to make a difference for our patients. The AVL Academy was founded for this very reason, and it offers countless opportunities for further development.

Staff Association

The staff association of the NKI schedules various trips and activities throughout the year. As a member of the staff association, you will also receive a discount on various products and services. Members of the staff association pay €3.00 on a monthly basis. You can register for the staff association via the registration form on our intranet.

Housing for NKI Employees

Given that Amsterdam is a popular city to live in, it is often difficult to find a home in the vicinity of our hospital. The Netherlands Cancer Institute can help new employees with this issue. Our organization offers 17 furnished apartments for rent; each split into two studios. Each apartment is occupied by two different people who work for the Netherlands Cancer Institute. While you have your own room, the bathroom, kitchen, and balcony are shared.

The living units consist of small (15 m²) and large rooms (22 m²) in the Louweshoek Residential Center. The rent includes gas, water, electricity, real estate tax, and Wi-Fi.

You may stay at the Louweshoek Residential Complex for no longer than one year, and the Expat Centre can help you find housing in Amsterdam. For questions about housing, contact the Expat Centre by calling: 020 512 6959.

Health Insurance

Every person who lives or works in the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out standard health insurance to cover the cost of, for example, consulting a general practitioner, hospital treatment and prescription medication. You may also opt to take out additional insurance to cover costs not included in the standard package. For more information, please visit the website of the government: When you work at the NKI you can apply for a collective discount with the following two insurance companies:

  • IZZ | VGZ for the Care Sector

The group discount is incorporated in the basic package and the IZZ Zorg voor de Zorg; extra 1, 2, or 3 is also offered as an employer's contribution. You have one month to register with the IZZ, calculated from the work start date. A condition for acceptance by the IZZ is that your current health insurer will release you from its contract. The collectivity code for IZZ is 29500. For more information or to sign up for this collective healthcare insurance (only available in Dutch)

  • Zilveren Kruis | Achmea

To sign up, go to: (in English) or (in Dutch). As well as the group discount in the basic package, Zilveren Kruis offers broader reimbursement with "extra supplementary care." If you're already insured with Zilveren Kruis, please contact the company to qualify for this employee discount. The collectivity code is: 207075728, employer: Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

Various Supplemental Insurance Policies

Centraal Beheer Achmea offers employees of the Netherlands Cancer Institute various insurance policies at a discount. For more information about the insurance policies, please visit the Centraal Beheer Achmea website (in Dutch only). Our contract number is 08765. The Service Center can also provide more information about supplemental insurance and collective benefits.

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