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Webinar by Reuven Agami

Sloppiness Inm RNAT ranslationI nC ancer

Reuven Agami
Oncogenomics, NKI Amsterdam, Erasmus MC Rotterdam university, Oncode Institute Utrecht, the Netherlands

Reuven Agami is heading the Division of Oncogenomics at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and a full professor of molecular genetics at the University of Rotterdam. Also, he is a member of the Oncode Institute, The Netherlands. His laboratory develops genetic tools and novel strategies to interrogate cancer. He was the first to establish a system that mediates stable suppression of gene expression through RNA interference, and used it for large-scale functional RNAi screens. Then, he developed tools for large-scale microRNA screens, genetic screens for key RNA-binding proteins, and alternative polyadenylation of mRNAs. More recently, he established genetic tools to measure amino acid shortages, and for linking mRNA transcription with mRNA translation via RNA modifications, and genetic screens for regulatory DNA elements using CRISPR technology. Since then, he implements these established technologies to uncover novel cellular vulnerabilities that can be exploited for cancer therapies.


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