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Webinar by Nicola Aceto

Biology and Vulnerabilities of Circulating Tumor Cells

Nicola Aceto
ETH Zurich, Institute of Molecular Health Sciences, Switzerland

Nicola Aceto is Professor of Molecular Oncology at the ETH Zurich, Institute of Molecular Health Sciences. Recent discoveries of the Aceto lab include important insights into the biology and vulnerabilities of circulating tumor cell clusters (Gkountela et al., Cell, 2019, cover of the journal; Szczerba et al., Nature, 2019; Donato et al., Cell Rep, 2020). Previously, Nicola has been Assistant Professor of Oncology at the University of Basel and before then, postdoctoral fellow in the Haber lab at Harvard Medical School and MGH Cancer Center in Boston, MA, USA. He received a PhD summa cum laude from the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel, numerous international awards and he is an inventor in 10 patent applications related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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