Fallback Person

Bram van den Broek

Postdoctoral fellow (Operator high-content confocal screening microscope)

+31 20 512 9056 a.bcdefg@nki.nl

I am a physicist who has specialized in single-molecule biophysics (PhD) and cellular biophysics (postdoc), with an emphasis on microscopy technique development (including optical tweezers, multifocal 2-photon microscopy, 3D tracking).
At the NKI I have a supportive role. In the Jalink lab I focus on developing and maintaining various advanced microscopy and related techniques. Additionally I construct image analysis tools that aid cell biologists to quantify and interpret their data.
I am also the contact person for high-resolution confocal high-content screening at the NKI. And I' am working as Operator high-content confocal screening microscope.

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